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Only in India: Lightning hits 36 thousand times in only 13 hours

INDIA (OBSERVATORY) – India’s Andhra Pradesh state this week was hit by a thunderstorm that struck more than 36,000 times in 13 hours, killing nine people.

Thunderstorms are a natural phenomenon in India during the spring season, but it is the first time that lightning has hit a record in the number and frequency of strikes.

The state itself saw 30,000 thunderstorms, but for a whole month in May 2017.

Scientists have reported that global warming is one of the causes of the unprecedented storms of India’s thunderstorms, accelerating the confluence of the cold winds of the Arabian Sea, with the hot air currents from northern India, resulting in a massive gathering of dark clouds, Increased risk of thunderstorms.

More than 2,000 people have been killed in India since the beginning of 2005 due to rising rainstorms, according to government data.

The absence of alarms and labor overcrowding in rural areas has resulted in an increased number of deaths from lightning strikes and associated rainstorms.