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Op-Ed: The next war in Syria will take place between Iran and Israel

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe next war in Syria will take place between Iran and Israel, says a famous American journalist.

An article published on Monday, April 16 by the New York Times refers to the words of the American journalist and expert on Middle Eastern issues, Thomas L. Friedman, where he warns that “Syria will explode.”

According to Friedman, Israel and Iran are facing a new phase of confrontation and if this is the case, the United States and Russia may find it hard to stay away.

The first sign of confrontation occurred, according to Friedman, February 10, “when a drone entered the Israeli sky before being shot.”

“The preliminary reports said it was a reconnaissance mission. But the official spokesman of the Israeli army, General Ronen Manelis, announced Friday that the trajectory followed by the drone and the examination of his pieces show that he was carrying explosives, and that his mission was an act of sabotage.”

A senior Israeli military source who claims that the drone in question was Iranian also told the US journalist: “This is the first time we see Iran doing anything against Israel, not by proxy.”

And then, Israeli warplanes hit the T4 airbase in Homs province in Syria, an attack in which four Iranians were killed, Friedman recalls.

This development has, however, been overshadowed, according to the article, by Donald Trump’s serial tweets about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“This was the first time we attacked real Iranian targets, both facilities and people,” the Israeli source also claimed.

Senior advisor to Islamic Revolutionary Leader for International Affairs Ali Akbar Velayati said during a recent visit to Syria that “these crimes will not go unanswered,” the journalist said.

“Since then, senior Israeli military officials have openly claimed that Israel could hit all of Iran’s military infrastructure if it hit targets in Israel in response to Israeli attacks.”

Israeli sources told Thomas Friedman that Israel would not make the same mistake it made in Lebanon. This means, according to the article, that Israel will not allow Iranians to create missile threats in Syria, just as Hezbollah did in Lebanon with its missiles.

Finally, Friedman claims that if the Iranian forces do not withdraw from Syria, an Iran-Israel confrontation will be inevitable. “Fasten your belts! Adds the American journalist.