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Paris, Washington and London amending its draft resolution on Syria

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†France, the United States and Britain have offered their partners to the UN Security Council a revised version of their draft resolution on Syria, which deals with the chemical, political and humanitarian aspects of the conflict, diplomats said.

The three Western countries, which launched military strikes in Syria a week ago in retaliation for a presumed chemical attack, are still awaiting Russia’s participation in the negotiations.

The former chemical weapons project in Douma, near Damascus, was condemned on April 7, while the new version, obtained by AFP, denounced the “reference” to the use of the weapon on that day.

Russia and Damascus denied using chemical weapons.

The revised version also addresses the humanitarian aspect and asks the UN Secretary-General to “explore ways” of resuming political negotiations.

In this regard, the three countries “encourage the Secretary-General through his special envoy to form a constitutional committee”, a reference not included in the first version.

Moscow may welcome adding this point after the Sochi summit in late January sought to form a similar committee. But Damascus has rejected this idea.

The members of the Security Council are holding a weekend in Sweden for the Syrian conflict. Diplomats said the revised draft would be discussed without negotiation.

At the United Nations, no new talks were scheduled and a diplomat said: “We will wait next week.”

Many council members are not optimistic that a breakthrough could be made in light of the new text by Washington, Paris and London.

“We see no reason for Russia to accept a three-sided proposal that has been rejected in a separate form,” said a European diplomat who did not want to be identified.

“We need new ideas on the political side to make progress,” a Swedish diplomat said during his announcement of the council’s “secession”.