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Pentagon can leave the Harry Truman in the Mediterranean to look after Russia

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe Pentagon is thinking about leaving an aircraft carrier strike group in the Mediterranean Sea, headed by the aircraft carrier Harry Truman, Defense News writes citing its sources. As the newspaper notes, thus Washington will not only reassure its allies, but will also give an “answer to Russian actions” in the region.

In the Pentagon, they are considering leaving an aircraft carrier strike group (AUG), led by the aircraft carrier Harry Truman, to the Mediterranean, Defense News writes citing sources in the military circles.

Three officials familiar with the situation told the publication that such a step could be motivated by the need to give “an answer to Russian actions in the region.” In addition, such a decision fits perfectly into the new national defense strategy, which states that the operational actions of the military should be less predictable.

According to a source from Defense News, so far no final decision has been made on this matter. In the event that Washington decides not to return Harry Truman to the Norfolk base, it will seriously deviate from the usual rotational practice that the US Navy has been following since the Desert Storm.

If the United States leaves the “Harry Truman” in the Mediterranean, they will show that they once again give increased attention to the “great power competition “, as well as new ways of parrying the growing challenges from Russia and China.

According to retired captain Jerry Hendrix, this plan, which is being considered at the highest level, can appease the US allies, who are nervous because of the ever increasing Russian presence in the region. In addition, this step will also allow the release of other American forces to patrol in such ” hot spots ” as the Baltic and Black Seas.

“Nobody says ‘I love you’, as the aircraft carrier ” – said Hendricks.

In addition, if Washington decides not to withdraw AOG from the Mediterranean, it will serve as a reminder to Syrian President Bashar Assad that further use of chemical weapons will not remain without consequences.