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Pentagon: Russia’s air defense systems in Syria “absolutely ineffective”

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áToday, the Pentagon’s official spokesman, almost two weeks after the blows, unexpectedly announced the superiority of American weapons over Russia.

“Of the ground-launched missiles launched by the Bashar Assad regime, almost all were launched after the last of our missiles hit the target.” Russia’s missile defense systems were absolutely ineffective, “US Defense Department spokesman Dana White said.

Apparently, the representative of the Pentagon simply did not see the personnel shot in the sky over Syria, who perfectly prove the opposite.

Recall, the data of objective control confirmed, 70 percent of the missiles launched by the United States and Britain were destroyed. Moreover, as it became known, some Western ammunition was completely out of order.

Among them are high-precision bombs and the two “smart” cruise missiles, about which Trump wrote with such enthusiasm. Now the “mind” of these missiles will be studied by Russian experts who received them at their disposal from the Syrian military.