Pentagon said that it does not track all the attacks of Saudi Arabia on Yemen

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – The United States does not monitor all the attacks of the coalition of Saudi Arabia on Yemen, but they work with the authorities to avoid casualties among civilians, Defense Assistant Robert Karem said at a hearing in the US Senate on Tuesday.

“We do not track all Saudi planes (striking at Yemen), we have limited personnel and resources to do it,” he said. Karem also said that the United States does not have an “ideal understanding” of exactly how the Saudis conduct their operation. At the same time, the representative of the Pentagon noted that the coalition led by Saudi Arabia has improved its ability to reduce casualties among civilians. “We see that their opportunities have improved,” says Karem.

The senators nevertheless expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that Saudi Arabia continues to strike at civilians and the fact that the country is not involved in a political settlement, preferring military methods for resolving the conflict. Legislators also called into question the US strategy in this country, in which the country says that there is no military solution to the conflict, but at the same time continues to provide military support to Saudi Arabia.

According to the Acting. Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East David Sutterfield, the United States is working with Saudi Arabia to avoid concomitant casualties among civilians when the coalition strikes. “In general, the situation is very bad,” the diplomat added, speaking generally of the crisis in this country.

Satterfield also noted that the United States, by assisting the coalition of Saudi Arabia, thus counteracts Iran. According to the representative of the State Department, the Iranians do not want to conduct peace talks on the situation in Yemen, while Saudi Arabia is ready for this. With this statement, however, a number of senators again disagreed.

In Yemen, an armed conflict continues in 2014, in which insurgent Hits ​​from the Shiite Ansar Allah movement participate, on the other hand, government troops and militia loyal to President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi. The authorities from the air and on the ground are supported by the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, in response to this hurts ​​regularly launch missiles on the Saudi territory.