Prosecutors call for Trump to be removed from office during the trial over his dismissal

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Representative Adam Schiff, who leads the prosecution team in the case of removing US President Donald Trump, called on the Senate to remove the White House master from office Thursday, stating that he could not be trusted and that he would prefer the country’s interest to his own advantage.

“The American people deserve a president who can count on him to put his (the people) interest first,” Schiff said.

His touching speech came at the end of a long day, during which Democrats outlined Trump’s illegal plan to pressure Ukraine to help him in his re-election campaign in 2020.

“You know, you cannot trust this president to do what is appropriate for this country. You can trust that he will do what is appropriate for Donald Trump,” Schiff added.

“He will do it now. He did it before. He will do it in the coming months, and he will do it if he is given the opportunity. For this reason, if you find him guilty, you should make sure to remove him” from his position.

“Because what is true is important. The truth is important. Otherwise, we will be lost.”

– “illegal” –

At a time when the 100 members of the Senate took the role of a jury while millions of Americans followed the proceedings on television, members of the House of Representatives who took over the isolation file showed dozens of video recordings, internal documents, and witness statements in an effort to prove that the US President abused his powers.

Schiff’s prosecution team detailed how Trump moved last year to force Kiev to help him discredit his potential rival in the 2020 election – former Vice President Joe Biden.

“President Trump has taken advantage of the powers he gives him his position to persuade a foreign country to interfere in our elections for his own benefit,” said House Speaker Judge Jerry Nadler.

“Since President George Washington took office in 1789, no president has used his power this way,” he added.

He emphasized that “the president violated his oath repeatedly and blatantly (…) the president’s behavior was wrong. It is illegal and dangerous.”

– “Dangerous to our country.”

For nine hours, Democrats have systematically refuted Republican claims that Trump has not made a mistake.

They left little room for doubt that Trump’s only motive to freeze aid to Ukraine in secret last July was to force Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelinsky to announce the opening of two investigations – the first on Biden and the second on a version of evidence that Kiev had not helped the Democrats in the 2016 elections.

In defiance of the White House’s main argument that the US Constitution required a specific crime to be removed to remove the President, they displayed old video footage of Trump’s most prominent defender, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and well-known defense attorney Alan Dershowitz, saying that the abuse of power itself is a clear crime that requires isolation.

The Democrats pointed in detail to the great role that Personal President Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer played in the plan to pressure Zielinski, despite the opposition of senior US intelligence and diplomatic figures.

“Donald Trump favored Rudy Giuliani over (US) intelligence agencies,” said Schiff, who heads the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee. “Rudy Giuliani chose over his national security advisers (…) making it dangerous for our country.”

“The most corrupt” –

But the three-day hearings in the historic trial showed little indication that any Republican majority in the Senate would be convinced of the evidence against Trump and take a stand against it.

“What we heard from (trial) managers yesterday and the day before it is just a day-to-day iteration,” said Republican Senator John Barroso.

“We are hearing the same things over and over again. We will present a strong defense and refute what they said,” Trump attorney Jay Sekulow said.

In the White House, Trump attacked via Twitter the trial he considered “laden with lies and distortions.”

He described the trial as the most “unfair and the most corrupt in the history of Congress.”

– The issue of witnesses –

Democratic prosecutors are due to complete their arguments Friday, focusing on the second charge deemed warranted – obstructing Congress – before Trump’s legal team offers his arguments for three days.

Democrats hope their arguments will persuade at least some Republicans, who have a majority of 53 to 47 in the Senate, backing their request to issue summonses next week for four former and current Trump aides, and publish White House internal records on the Ukraine issue.

But all indications are that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, in cooperation with the White House, will act to block requests to call witnesses and will end the trial with a vote on Trump’s acquittal by the end of next week.

But Trump and McConnell reported earlier this week that the White House might resort to the powers of the executive branch which authorizes it to reject subpoenas, which could cause a court challenge that would prolong the case to continue beyond February.


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