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Putin and Macron call for maintaining Iran’s action plan

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áRussian President Vladimir Putin and French President Emmanuel Macron called on Friday for a plan to work on a nuclear deal with Iran.

The Kremlin said in a statement on Monday that Macaron briefed his Russian counterpart on the results of his visit to the United States and that the two sides focused on the nuclear agreement with Iran.

During his joint press conference with US President Donald Trump last week, McCron called for working to modify the nuclear deal with Iran to include its ballistic missile program and “reduce its hegemony over the region.”

The French president stressed that his country will remain committed to the Iranian nuclear agreement will not withdraw from it unless it has a fixed alternative, while Trump renewed his rejection of the nuclear agreement in its current form, stressing that it will announce its decision on the agreement on the twelfth of next month.

In July 2015, Iran and the permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany reached an agreement to settle the Tehran nuclear issue, which included the lifting of international, US and European sanctions on Iran, in exchange for a reduction in its uranium enrichment program.

Trump has repeatedly criticized the deal with Iran, saying it does not guarantee Tehran will not have nuclear weapons in the future. The White House recently confirmed that Washington had made “significant progress” in its contacts with France, Britain and Germany on reviewing the deal.