Putin sends a message to the Arab leaders gathered in Saudi Arabia

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áPresident Vladimir Putin said in a letter to the Arab summit held in Saudi Arabia on Sunday that Russia is ready to cooperate with the League of Arab States to ensure regional security.

In a letter to the Kremlin on Monday, Putin said he hoped Russia and the Arab countries would be able to contribute to the political settlement and reconstruction process and solve the pressing humanitarian problems in the two countries.

Putin called for continuing to fight terrorist groups, with strict respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Arab states.

The Russian president stressed that it is impossible to normalize the situation in the Middle East in a sustainable manner without finding a radical solution to the Palestinian issue.

In this context, Putin stressed the fundamentals of the Russian of the situation in the need to settle all for the identification of the Palestinian land status issues, including Jerusalem, through direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, on the basis of the provisions of recognized international law, including the Security Council and General Assembly resolutions of international relevant In addition to the Arab Peace Initiative.