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Qatar denies military planes intercepting a UAE civil aircraft

QATAR (OBSERVATORY) – Qatar on Monday denied military aircraft intercepting a civilian Emirati jet on Sunday and said an Emirati military aircraft had penetrated its airspace at this time, Reuters reports.

The Emirates said Qatari fighter jets were dangerously close to an aircraft carrying 86 passengers on their way to Bahrain, forcing the pilot to make quick maneuvers to get away and avoid collision.

The agency quoted the General Authority of Civil Aviation Qatar as saying that its military aircraft “were moving towards the north-east of Qatar on a mission known to the provider of navigation services in the Kingdom of Bahrain after the entry of a military aircraft Emirati Qatari water without the prior permission of the State of Qatar and the itinerary of a line The UAE civil aircraft referred to in the Emirates Airline statement. ”

“The United Arab Emirates has unfortunately been manipulating the facts to inflame and mislead the international community and the latest statement is proof of that.”

The two sides have been blaming each other for air strikes since Abu Dhabi and other powers imposed diplomatic and trade sanctions and a travel ban on Qatar in June.

The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt accuse Qatar of backing Iran and radical Islamists, allegations Qatar denies accusing the four countries of trying to curb their sovereignty and interfere in their foreign policy.