Reactor of the nuclear power plant in Belgium was stopped because of a leak in the cooling system

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – In Belgium, the reactor of the nuclear power plant “Dul” was stopped. At the beginning of the week, there was a leak in the cooling system.

“There was a small loss of water in the reserve supply of our cooling system, which is a small leak, which is significantly lower than the limit level which would be followed automatically by the reactor shutdown,” said Nele Scherlink, the official representative of Engie Electrabel station operator.

Because of what happened there was no threat to people and the environment. However, due to the fact that the radiation level in the part of the nuclear power plant where the leak occurred is very high, there are difficulties with the repair.

According to the agency, the reactor was stopped at least until October.

The Belgian House of Representatives, in connection with the accident, appointed an emergency meeting of the Nuclear Safety Committee.