Reconciliation meeting on the Iranian nuclear deal in Vienna

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Europeans, China and Russia will seek on Wednesday to reach a ground of understanding with Iran over its nuclear program in the first meeting since the launch of the dispute settlement mechanism against Tehran accused of violating the agreement in 2015.

The meeting, which Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov described in a statement to the media as “an opportunity to stop the escalation before it is too late”, is being held in the Austrian capital at the level of political directors within the framework of the joint committee, the discussion panel stipulated in the agreement.

The meeting was chaired by Helga Schmid, profile of the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josip Borrell. Besides Iran, representatives of China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany will participate.

Under the dispute settlement mechanism provided for in the agreement, the parties should try to find a solution before deciding to present the issue to foreign ministers.

In the event that it is not reconciled, the Security Council could reimpose the sanctions that were lifted under the Vienna Agreement. But the Europeans say this is not their goal.

The historic Vienna agreement faces a real threat since the United States withdrew from it by a unilateral decision in 2018. Tehran, which has been re-imposed by suffocating sanctions, has gradually given up every two months, starting in May 2019, with a number of its obligations, says the American non-governmental organization Arms “(Arms Control Association).

Europeans consider that the irregularities decided by the Iranian authorities are not irreversible. Iran has now confirmed that it will continue to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency, and this allows inspectors of this body to enter the declared installations.

“We all have an interest in saving the (comprehensive joint plan of action) (the nuclear agreement) so that the inspectors can continue working in Iran,” a European diplomat told AFP.

He added that the negotiations between Iran and the Europeans, Russia and China “have no deadline” and “we are still far from achieving a result”, as he did not specify a timetable for the talks.

The agreement signed in 2015 provides for lifting part of the international sanctions on Iran in exchange for providing guarantees to prove the purely civil nature of its nuclear program.


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