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Researchers want to create universal cure for aging and cancer

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†US scientists have said that controlling a ferment responsible for chromosome repair is likely to stop aging and prevent the development of cancer. They managed to study its structure to develop drugs that could make this control possible.

Researchers at the University of California have successfully deciphered the structure of the telomerase enzyme that can add telomeres to the ends of chromosomes, which could slow cell aging. Their study was published in the scientific journal Nature.

According to them, the detailed description of this ferment could lead to the development of drugs that could slow or even stop the aging process.

Scientists explain that our biological age depends on the ability of our cells to repair themselves, with telomerase activity contributing to this process. This ferment is very active in cancer cells which explains their resistance.

Controlling the activity of telomerase can theoretically slow down aging and prevent the multiplication of cancer cells.

Previously, the development of drugs to control telomerase had been hampered by the lack of knowledge about the structure of this ferment.