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Risk of Russo-US confrontation would increase in case of US aggression against Syria

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe Israeli daily Haaretz looked at the possible scenarios of the United States against Syria.

“The first scenario is a limited attack by Trump on Syria, as it has already done, to make the Syrian government understand that the use of chemical weapons will not be unanswered. This scenario would not result in a major war that would threaten the lives of millions of people, “he wrote in the Haaretz report.

“These kinds of attacks have already failed in the past for two reasons. First, they have not changed the line and the attitude of the Syrian president. Second, Assad’s allies, including Iran and Russia, will help him make up for the damage caused by the US invasion,” said Haaretz.

And the Israeli newspaper continues: “The second scenario is to arm Syrian opponents to pressure Assad to accept American demands. But the problem is that Iran and Russia could provide Assad with the latest sophisticated equipment and systems to counter the United States. Moscow and Tehran are more powerful than Washington in Syria.”

“The third scenario is a direct intervention of the United States against Syria. This intervention could lead to the fall of the Syrian government or a direct confrontation between Russia and the United States. This scenario could worsen the situation in the Middle East and Eastern Europe and threaten the lives of millions of people, even outside of Syria,” the report concludes.