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Rouhani to Macron: We refuse to negotiate on nuclear agreement

IRAN (OBSERVATORY) –┬áIran’s President Hassan Rouhani rejected in a telephone conversation with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron on negotiating the amendment of the nuclear deal, saying his country had set up measures to respond to a possible US withdrawal.

Rohani stressed that Tehran would not accept the implementation of more than the commitments included in the current nuclear agreement, noting that Washington’s comments on the amendment of the agreement is a flagrant violation of what the country agreed with the six-party international in 2015.

The Iranian president stressed that even if Washington decided to stay in the agreement and continued to violate it would be rejected by Tehran.

Rohani expressed Tehran’s readiness to talk on issues other than the nuclear agreement, such as the security and stability of the region and the fight against terrorism.

For his part, the French president said that his country would remain in the agreement “100 percent,” adding that France and the European Union accept the agreement as it stands. He also pledged that Paris and Brussels would defend the deal.

He added that France believes that the nuclear agreement is an important model for resolving the crises of the region and must be maintained and that everyone should adhere to it.

The statements made by the French president during his meeting with his Iranian counterpart contradict the positions expressed in a statement issued by the office of British Prime Minister Teresa Mae following her telephone conversation with Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in which the three leaders affirmed their willingness to engage in negotiations with the United States on amending the agreement. Demanded by US President Donald Trump.