Russia accuses US of undermining arms control globally

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday that the United States pursues a “selfish” foreign policy that reduces the value of international arms control agreements.

Lavrov said during the “Conference on Disarmament” in Geneva that it was necessary “to stop diminishing respect for international arms control”, calling on Washington to resume talks on halting the spread of nuclear weapons and preventing weapons in space.

“We see a return to the destructive trends caused by the revival of one selfish country policy.”

Lavrov said Washington has “a growing ambition to dominate everywhere and impose its provisions on the international community to harm other countries.”

He said it was time for “American colleagues to return to international dialogue and between governments” and renew disarmament agreements that “guarantee stability on this planet.”

Russia and the United States – the two rivals for four decades of the Cold War – abandoned the 1987 Non-Proliferation Treaty, and they accused each other of causing its collapse.

The agreement was seen as essential to global security and its collapse raises fears of a possible new arms race.

Washington also threatens to withdraw from the “New Start” treaty concluded in 2010 when it expires next year.

Lavrov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to extend the “New Start” without conditions, adding that he was still awaiting Washington’s response to that.

The “New Start”, which forces Russia and the United States to halve the number of missile launchers and put a new verification system in place, is seen as the last major deal to keep its arsenals below their level during the Cold War.

Lavrov also stressed that there is an urgent need to reach a new treaty preventing the deployment of weapons in space, after a deadlock that has lasted for more than a decade in this field.

He stressed that Moscow was “convinced” that it was not too late to prevent a conflict in space and called for “comprehensive negotiations” on a treaty to prevent the deployment of some military equipment in space.

But the United States has always insisted that it would be extremely difficult to verify weapons deployments in space, preferring a language focused on outlawing hostile behaviors.


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