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Russia and Qatar ignore Riyadh’s threats to purchase Russian air-to-air S-400

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áNegotiations on the sale of the S-400 defense system in Qatar have put teeth on Riyadh that threatens military response.

The Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta writes that the first anniversary of the blockade against Qatar could be marked by the outbreak of a wider conflict in the Persian Gulf in which Russia is directly involved.

Saudi Arabia, one of the buyers of the Russian S-400 ground-to-air system, which finalized the purchase contract in February 2018 according to its ambassador in Moscow, does not tolerate its sale to its Qatari opponent and threatens a riposte military.

“The Doha authorities will not give up the purchase of the S-400,” said an authority in the Qatari Foreign Ministry interviewed by the newspaper. “The statements of Riyadh are part of the psychological war against Qatar and will have no effect on the measures we will take, because they directly affect the security of the country,” she said.

Taking the example of Turkey faced with the same threats, this Qatari authority specifies that Riyadh’s threats may be due to pressure from Washington.

Deputy Chairman of the Defense Committee of the Russian Duma, Louis Shatkin, told the newspaper that “relations between Moscow and Doha are so constructive that Riyadh’s remarks will have no impact on a possible S-400 sales contract. in Qatar”.