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Russia, China, Turkey at the center of the US military budget bill

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe draft law to dedicate an annual budget of US $ 717 billion to the Department of Defense focuses on Russia, China and Turkey.

Legislators in the US House of Representatives released details on the annual military budget bill on Friday, May 4, which includes a roadmap detailing how to compete with Russia and China. a plan to suspend arms sales to Turkey.

According to Reuters news agency, the United States House of Representatives Armed Services Commission is expected to hold talks over the next few days on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). which is voted on annually and gives the federal government the right to establish the Department of Defense budget and expenditures and controls how the funding is used.

The committee will not release the bill until next Sunday, but the Republican supervisors of the commission and the Democratic minority have each issued a note.

The NDAA provides for Russia, for the fiscal year 2019, measures such as the imposition of new sanctions on Russian arms companies, and a larger budget for the cyber war.

In addition, Republicans have backed a law that allows Donald Trump to end some sanctions against Russia in the laws passed by Congress last summer, despite protests from the president.

With regard to China, NDAA proposes, among other things, the strengthening of Taiwan’s capabilities and the banning of US government agencies from using high-risk technologies produced by Huawei and ZTE, because they are linked to the Chinese Communist Party’s communication apparatus. .

The law also calls on the Department of Defense to report to Congress on US-Turkish relations, which would block the sale of any major defense material to Turkey until submission of the report in its entirety.