Russia is ready to transit gas through Ukraine after 2019

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áRussia is ready to carry out uninterrupted gas supplies through Ukraine after 2019. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Energy of Russia Alexander Novak during a telephone conversation with the vice-chairmen of the European Commission (EC) Maros Shefovich.

EC representative Anna-Kaisa Itkonen stated that She Povich pointed to “the need to preserve commercially profitable volumes of gas supplied via the Ukrainian route”. He also called on Kiev and Moscow to cooperate on a bilateral and tripartite basis, Tass reports.

Earlier, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said that the Russian company is ready to maintain transit of gas through Ukraine in the amount of 10-15 billion cubic meters per year. At the same time, Kiev must prove the economic feasibility of the new contract.

In turn, the head of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine Igor Nasalik said that transit of 10-15 billion cubic meters is not profitable for the country, since it will have to invest to pump such volumes of gas. The minister added that Kiev will insist on maintaining transit of gas in the volume of at least 40 billion cubic meters. m per year.

The Stockholm arbitration in February this year obliged Gazprom to pay Naftogaz $ 2.56 billion in compensation for the shortage of gas. The Russian company reacted negatively to the court’s decision, pointing out that it creates an imbalance in favor of Ukraine. In this connection, Gazprom decided to terminate the contract with Naftogaz, which was notified to the Ukrainian side.