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Russia: Israel has asked not to sell the system S-300 of the Syrian army

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) – A Russian diplomat on Monday called on Israel not to supply the S-300 with advanced defense systems, according to a Hebrew report.

The newspaper “Yedioth Ahronoth” Hebrew, a diplomat said he declined to be named, “Israel demanded that Russia not provide the Syrian regime’s advanced defense system S-300 missiles.”

The Israeli Foreign Ministry declined to comment.

According to the Hebrew newspaper, the Russian newspaper “Kommersant” quoted Russian experts as saying that “Israel is expected to respond negatively if Moscow is supplied with missiles, and could bomb the area where the missiles will be deployed.”

Israeli and Russian diplomats “tried to reduce tension between the two sides,” she said. “There is another standard for relations with Russia and mutual policy to prevent frictions,” he said, quoting an Israeli official.

According to the unnamed Israeli official, “the other criterion is: Will the Russians direct the S-300 in Syria to our aircraft flying in the air.”

Earlier Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia had not yet decided on supplying Syria with advanced S-300 missile systems.

But Lavrov said his country would announce the decision once it was adopted. Pointing out that “there is no moral impediment to prevent the supply of Assad S-300”.

On more than one occasion, Israeli officials have expressed concern that the deployment of these missiles will make their movements difficult in Syrian airspace.

The S-300 system is more sophisticated compared to all anti-aircraft missile systems of the Syrian regime, according to Yedioth Ahronoth.

The system can not only drop planes but also ballistic missiles over a distance of more than 150 km, according to the same source.