Russia says Britain helped fabricate a chemical attack in Syria

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Britain has been involved in the fabrication of a suspected chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma, the defense ministry said on Friday.

Britain and its allies have accused Damascus of carrying out the suspected attack on Duma and are considering military action in Syria in response. Syria and its ally Russia deny any chemical attack there.

The Kremlin said on Wednesday the United States had fabricated reports of a chemical attack in the region and warned against using it as a pretext for military action.

In a televised statement on Friday, the Russian Defense Ministry reiterated the government’s position that the attack was fabricated and said it had evidence that Britain had co-opted it.

“We have … evidence that Britain was directly involved in this provocation,” said Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Kunashinkov.

Konashenkov said Russia knew “beyond any doubt” that White Helmets, a relief group assisting civilians in areas under the control of the opposition, was attacked between April 3 and 6 “under severe pressure, especially from London, to provide this pre-planned provocation as soon as possible.”

Britain’s ambassador to the United Nations, Karen Pearce, said on Friday that her country was not involved in the incident in any way.

“This is strange, it’s a lie,”¬†ambassador told reporters. “It’s the worst false news we’ve seen so far from the Russian propaganda machine.”