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Russia successfully tested its S-500 defense system

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†US news sources reported Russia’s successful test of its sophisticated S-500 missile system, Fars News reported.

A few days after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered mass production of this powerful anti-aircraft defense system, US intelligence agencies announced that Moscow had successfully tested it.

According to this report, the system has a range of 600 kilometers, while that of the S-400 is 400 kilometers. The S-500 missile is capable of targeting hypersonic short-range ballistic missiles, US AWACS and their air command center.

According to US intelligence, the S-500 has been tested for the destruction of a target located at a distance of 481 km, which is already a new world record for air defense.

If this system is deployed in Kaliningrad, Russia, it will cover all of Poland and a large part of Germany, including Berlin. The deployment of this system in the Russian Far East would threaten US military operations in Japan and North Korea.

“One of the most important tasks is to develop defense gear. It is essential to develop and strengthen the technology needed for air defense, to continue modernizing the Pantsir systems and to prepare to massively produce the all-new S-500 system capable of attacking distant targets, “Vladimir Putin said. , Russian President, at a meeting with the leaders of the companies of the Russian defense industry.