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Russia wants to overthrow Israel, former leader of Mossad

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – On Monday, April 16, the Israeli Minister of Military Affairs threatened Russia. He said to anyone who wanted to hear that Russia does not have the right to reduce the Israeli field of action either in Syria or anywhere else. To understand that Russia should allow Israel the freedom to attack as it sees fit not only in Syria, but throughout the region.

On the night of Monday to Tuesday, the Israelis fired nine missiles against two military airports, that of al-Chayrat and al-Dumeir. The strike has still not been claimed by Israel, but it could be in the hours to come. After the colossal defeat of the USA / France / Britain tripartite aggression against the “empty buildings” in Syria, a confrontation between Israel and Russia is no longer to be ruled out, especially since the Russian president has already warned that Aviv against any attempt of destabilization in Syria.

Former Mossad leader Ephraim Halevy believes that the “risks of a direct confrontation between Israel and Russia are increasing minute by minute”.

Asked by Israeli television about the upcoming war, Halvey went from his analysis: “It turns out that our war will take place with a large country that has settled on our northern borders, a country that has even strengthened and imposed as a decisive actor Israel will have to ensure that its interaction with this country (Russia, Ed) does not lead to a military confrontation, but even if this confrontation would take place, Israel will have to come out victorious”.

The journalist then asked him about the likelihood of an Israel / Russia war and the answer is far from clear: “I am talking about the conditions that could lead us to this confrontation, which could place Israel and Russia face to face”.

The journalist then echoed an idea widely conveyed in recent days by the political authorities in Israel, accusing Russia of “trying to make Israel capitulate”. This former Mossad leader then replied accusingly: “Russia has entered Syria and has deployed its forces to stay there for a long time, and it has still offered permanent bases in Syria. and I believe that Russia has no interest or willingness to see its strategic partner in the region, namely, Iran, fail.”

In the wake of news agencies reported on the order of battle of Israeli troops in the occupied Golan.