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Russia: Washington and its allies do not want to investigate allegations of chemical attack in Syria

UNITED NATION (OBSERVATORY) – During the UN Security Council meeting, Russia’s permanent representative Vasily Nebenzia said that the refusal of Washington and its allies to support the draft resolution on Syria indicates a reluctance to carry out a real investigation of the allegations of a chemical attack in the country.

“The failure to adopt this resolution is, unfortunately, a litmus test, which speaks volumes, and this causes great, big fears,” ¬†Nebenzia said.

According to the Russian ambassador to the UN, Russia was offered “a completely innocent resolution, which almost completely repeated the Swedish one.”

“I’m at a loss to understand between which lines of this resolution Nikki Haley discovered our cunning and deceit?” – ¬†wondered Nebenzia.

Recall that in a vote in the UN Security Council, no draft resolution proposed by Russia, was not adopted.