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Russian “Black Holes” forced the British submarine “to flee”

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) –¬†According to The Times, referring to the source, the British submarine class Astute, which intended to participate in the attack on Syria on the night of April 14, was forced to leave two Russian submarines.

The incident occurred near the Syrian coasts in the Mediterranean Sea.

The British submarine, according to the publication, had to constantly change its location due to the “pursuit” of diesel-electric submarines of projects 877 “Paltus” and 636 “Varshavianka.”

These submarines in the West were nicknamed “Black Holes” for the noiselessness of the course.

In this case, according to the British media, Astute allegedly remained undetected.

Nevertheless, experts suggest that the submarine did not participate in the military operation against Syria because of the desire of British sailors to “go unnoticed.”

In the British Navy, the situation was left without comment.