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Russian defense reviews the results of the military operation in Syria

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe Russian Defense Ministry announced that the Syrian army has so far recovered 96.5% of the territory of his country, having controlled only 8% of them when the launch of the Russian military operation in Syria in 2015.

The announcement came in a video posted by the ministry on YouTube on Wednesday to review the interim results of the Russian military operation in Syria against terrorist groups.

More than 63,000 Russian military personnel, including 26,000 officers and 434 generals, received operational combat experience in Syria, as well as the experience gained by 91 percent of war crews and 60 percent of Russian strategic flight crews, the ministry said.

During the operation in Syria, the Russian navy carried out 189 flights, involving 86 warships, 14 submarines and 83 support vessels.

Ships and submarines fired 100 Kaliber-type winged rockets at terrorist positions, and long-range strategic aircraft fired 66 “air-to-surface” missiles.

The Russian army also conducted tests on 231 types of modern and updated weapons, which showed a high degree of effectiveness, while rotating 70 Russian drone aircraft around the clock in the skies of Syria.