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Russian Embassy responded to British accusations of preparing cyber attacks

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe allegations of an allegedly preparing hacker attack on the UK by Russia are an example of London’s “unreasonable policy” towards Moscow. This is stated in the comments of the press secretary of the Russian Embassy in London.

“In recent days, we have repeatedly observed warnings that the UK must prepare for the imminent cyber attack on the part of Russia” in retaliation “for air strikes in Syria and the Salisbury incident,” he said .

He noted that such accusations and speculations are seen as vivid examples of a reckless, provocative and unjustified policy towards Russia.

“We are disappointed by the fact that such serious statements are being made public without any evidence and without any attempts from the UK to clarify the situation primarily with Russia,” the Russian embassy representative said.

Earlier, the United States and Britain announced a cyber threat from Russia.

On April 15, the British media reported on the allegedly preparing hacker attack from Russia, which would affect high-ranking officials of the United Kingdom.