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Russian hypersonic weapon would sow panic in US intelligence agencies

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – US experts informed reports of Russian hypersonic weapons reportedly found that the US intelligence services are anxiously awaiting the commissioning of Avangard missiles. According to them, the American DCA is not able to intercept them, reports Sputnik.

A Russian hypersonic weapon capable of bypassing US anti-aircraft defense will be put into service in 2020, reports CNBC, referring to sources that have consulted intelligence reports on the subject.

This is the Avangard system. This hypersonic missile, capable of moving at a speed twenty times faster than that of sound, was presented by Vladimir Putin on March 1 during his annual message to parliament.

According to the US media, Moscow successfully conducted two tests of this new weapon in 2016. The third attempt in October 2017 was unsuccessful as the missile crashed before reaching its target.

Thomas Karako, head of the ballistic defense project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), believes that the US air defense is not able to deal with Avangard, calling for a change in the strategy of missile defense.

“We can not postpone the changes in the missile defense strategy until tomorrow. Too bad we let Russia go so far, “hammered the American expert.

Previously, CNBC had published an article in which US experts had claimed that Washington had pursued a different goal than that of Moscow or Beijing in the area of ​​hypersonic weapons. The chain had indicated that the United States had offered to use hypersonic missiles as conventional weapons carriers, while the other two countries had focused on nuclear charges.

Nevertheless, Russian military expert Victor Baranets said that Russian hypersonic weapons were much faster than their American counterparts.