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Russian MiG-31 on a combat mission

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áRussian President Vladimir Putin has been sworn in for the fourth time as head of Russia. Barely a few hours before the start of the service ceremony, the anti-Putin had invaded the streets of Moscow to denounce “the authoritarian regime” and demand “political openness”, probably having in mind “the stroke of Maidan State”(Ukraine).

It must be said that Putin has challenged the West in many areas.

According to Russian military sources, ten MiG-31 fighter planes equipped with the hypersonic Kinzhal missile (Dagger) are already on a combat mission. Is it to go to Syria? Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov does not breathe a word in an interview published Saturday on the site of Zvezda. But he is especially interested in describing the peculiarities of the craft: “It is a vanguard weapon, namely a long-range hypersonic missile capable of overcoming air defenses and missiles. He is invincible, with serious fighting potential.”

And the deputy minister added: “And to argue that this is not something exotic, I would say today that ten jets have gone on a combat mission and are ready to be used depending on the situation.”

The remarks of the Russian official echo President Putin’s March 1 speech, which unveiled the proposed Kinzhal hypersonic missile platform in the Federal Assembly. Putin said the Kinzhal missiles fly at more than 10 times the speed of sound and is able to maneuver and defeat existing and future air defense and ballistic missile defense systems.