Russian military police to enter Syrian Duma tomorrow

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) – The Russian Defense Ministry announced that units of its military police will begin to enter the Syrian Douma tomorrow, and confirmed that the alleged chemical attack in the city is a blatant fabrication.

Take out the militants from Duma and introduce the Russian military police into the city

“The Russian armed forces, in cooperation with the Syrian authorities, are carrying out a large humanitarian operation in the eastern gouta of Damascus, in which 165,123 people have been taken out of the area, among them,” said the deputy chief of the Operations Operations Center of the Russian Staff, Major General Victor Buznikhir. 20398 armed men and 38133 members of their families, and currently the final stage of the withdrawal of armed groups from the city of Douma, the last area left by militants.

Bouznikhir pointed out that the militants in the eastern Ghouta have not been subjected to “any military provocations 5 days ago,” while “did not detect any shootings or hostilities.”

He explained that the center of the Syrian Hameimim for the reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, in cooperation with the Syrian government forces, took out 41213 people from Duma in general, including 3354 armed men and 8642 members of their families, adding that elements of “Army of Islam,” who took control of the city, released 195 people were kidnapped.

“Russian military police forces will begin entering Duma tomorrow to ensure security and public order in the city and to conduct operations to provide assistance to their local residents,” Bozniekir said.