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Russian Navy unveils its corvette of the future

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áRussia continues to modernize its armed forces, including providing its Navy with state-of-the-art ships including the ultra-modern corvettes of Project 20386.

The Russian Navy’s Almaz central research office is developing a 20386 multipurpose corvette designed to replace the existing 20380/20385 corvettes and able to perform additional missions in remote maritime areas, told reporters Russian director of the office Alexander Shlyakhtenko.

“The particular features of the future corvette are its balanced armament that includes a modular hardware, a management system, radio-control weapons and robotic systems,” said the official.

According to him, the new corvette will be equipped with modular weapons that can be temporarily installed, kept the rest of the time in a special room of the ship.

The difference between in-service corvettes and those developed today is the greater use of robotic modular weapons, aerial and underwater drones, and unmanned aircrafts.

The construction of the 20386 Derzki corvette was launched at the Severni shipyard in 2016. The corvette will join the Russian Navy in 2022.

Currently, Russia has five corvettes of Project 20380, and is expected to receive five more.