Russian rescuers found an overturned North Korean vessel in the Sea of ​​Japan

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) – The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation discovered a North Korean vessel without a crew in the Sea of ​​Japan.

“A North Korean ship was detected by helicopter, coordinates were transferred to the Marine Rescue Coordination Center, the rescue vessel Irbis came up to it, no people were found on the ship,” a spokesman for the Emergencies Ministry’s Primorsky Krai Department told Interfax.

At the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center Vladivostok, the agency was informed that an overturned wooden schooner of about 15 meters in length was discovered.

“The vessel can not be identified,” said the representative of SKC, adding that it is not known whether this schooner, whose crew requested assistance on Saturday.

On August 25, a North Korean fishing vessel suffered a disaster in the Sea of ​​Japan. Of the six people on board, two were rescued, they were evacuated by a ship passing by. Later, rescuers from the air discovered fragments, which, presumably, can relate to this ship.

The search for four men continues. In the area of ​​the incident, the rescue vessel Irbis works, on Sunday the search area is inspected by the Mi-8 helicopter with rescuers on board.

Near the coast of Primorye, according to the authorities of the region, about 240 fishing schooners from the DPRK and China sheltered from the storm at the end of this week. Foreign ships waited for a storm in the bays of Nakhodka, Terney and Olginsky areas.