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Russian ships hunting a British submarine

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) –¬†According to a British newspaper, a submarine from this country was allegedly the subject of a chase launched by Russian submarines and warships.

According to The Sunday Times , a British submarine with cruise missiles has been intercepted by Russian submarines known as the “black hole”.

Although the Russian Ministry of Defense has not yet expressed itself on the subject, this daily confirms that the British submarine was the subject of a chase by anti-submarine aircraft and Russian ships .

This chase continued until a US P-8 Poseidon Boeing anti-submarine aircraft intervened and prevented the race to ensure the safety of the British submarine.

The pursuit of Russian and British equipment is quite common in the Mediterranean, but this hunt comes for the first time since the crisis between the two countries over the Skripal affair.

Since the poisoning of a former Russian double agent on British soil and the attack by the US and their allies against Syria, tensions between Moscow and London have gone up a notch.