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Russian SU-57 fighter is superior to all the 4th generation fighters

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) – The National Interest newspaper reported a comparison between the Russian “SU-57” and the American “F-15С Eagle”, where the cuff is leaning in favor of the Russian fighter.

According to the newspaper, the fighter “SU-57” belonging to the fifth generation after the processing of the new engines are outperforming all the fighters of the fourth generation, indicating that the strengths of the Russian fighter lies in the speed and ability to maneuver and hide and characterized by electronic equipment.

Nor did the experts underestimate the ability of the US fighter, the F-15C Eagle, although it is drawing to a close.

Russian SU-57 fighter
The American fighter F-15

The Su-57 is the latest Russian fighter, a multi-purpose fighter with high combat characteristics.

Its first flight was carried out in 2010 and is scheduled to begin delivery to the Russian army in 2019.