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Russian-Turkish military cooperation can become “a nightmare” for NATO

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – If the US Senate finally gives up the idea of ​​delivering F-35 fighters to Turkey, Ankara will have the opportunity to increase its cooperation with Moscow in the military and buy Russian fighter Su-57, Sputnik reports.

The US Senate’s decision to adopt a military budget proposal that excludes the delivery of 100 F-35 fighters to Turkey could have unforeseeable consequences for NATO, writes the US business insider news website.

According to the website, such a measure further pushes Ankara to conclude an agreement with Moscow on the purchase of fifth generation Russian fighter Su-57 , which “presents for military and diplomatic reasons, a nightmarish scenario for the security of the NATO”.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that Ankara has already signed a contract on the purchase of Russian S-400 missiles which “opens in Moscow a window in the Alliance’s defense system [Atlantic],” writes the site.

However, retired US Air Force Lieutenant-General David Deptula told the site that NATO nations “do not want to introduce Russian systems into their air defense.” He also does not think that Turkey will give preference to Su-57. According to him, this acquisition does not make sense since these planes are incompatible with the NATO systems.

Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak said on May 27 that Ankara could buy Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighters if Washington decided not to supply F-35s to Turkey. For now, Ankara has not commented on this possibility.

On May 25, the US Congress approved the annual defense budget bill, which indicated restrictions on US arms shipments, including the F-35, to Turkey in response to its purchase of Russian anti-missile systems S-400.