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S-300 for Syria, Moscow’s “strong strategic statement”

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) – Israel is not afraid of the possible delivery of S-300 systems to Syria, but Moscow’s position in this regard must be of concern, said an Israeli analyst.

Moscow’s willingness to supply S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems to the Syrian army is a “strong strategic statement” by the Kremlin, said Anshel Pfeffer, an observer for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

According to the analyst, it seems that Russia has renounced neutrality in the conflict between Israel and Iran in favor of Tehran, which must worry the Jewish state more than any new weapon made available to Damascus.

“Over the last decade, the Russian air defense system S-300 has become almost synonymous with the strategic domination desired by Iran and Syria to equal Israel’s supremacy in the air,” said Pfeffer.

The expert recalls that the modernized version of the S-300 system is capable of drawing dozens of air targets simultaneously at a distance of several hundred kilometers. Thus, once deployed in Syria, the S-300 will be able to detect Israeli planes at the moment they take off from their bases.

However, the deployment of S-300 in the Syrian army will not mean the end of Israel’s strategic domination of the region, the analyst said. According to him, the Israeli air force has thoroughly studied the capabilities of Russian anti-aircraft systems and developed radio-control capabilities to circumvent them.

According to the author, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Moscow to balance its position against the conflict between Tel Aviv and Tehran. From this point of view, the deliveries of S-300 in Syria testify to the fact that Vladimir Putin finally opted for his Iranian allies, insists Mr. Pfeffer.