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Saudi Arabia: night of horror at the palace

SAUDI ARABIA (OBSERVATORY) – Saudi Arabia has restricted the theft of remote controlled drones after a recreational drone has caused panic in the Saudi capital, according to the country’s media.

The Saudi Ministry of the Interior is finalizing regulations on the use of recreational drones.

The ministry has asked this Sunday, April 22, fans of unmanned drones to obtain permission from the police to use.

According to the Saudi media, “this decision was taken the day after the destruction by the Saudi army of an unidentified drone flying over the area where the royal palace is located.”

At the same time, this version of a recreational UAV was denied by Mujtahid, the famous Saudi whistleblower, who wrote on his Twitter account that the attack Saturday night would have been conducted by a vehicle with a machine gun.

“The attack, which took place Saturday night in al-Khouzama neighborhood, was conducted by a vehicle with a 50 mm heavy machine gun, identical to the weapons available to the Saudi army. It is thanks to luck that the Saudi forces have been able to repel this attack.

The identity of the attackers, the purpose of the attack and the death toll of the victims remain unknown. The version told by the Saudi media, about the destruction of a drone, is built from scratch, “said Mujtahid on his Twitter account.

The Saudi whistleblower promised to release more details in the near future.

Mujtahid then republished a post of VO Arabs, according to which the attack allegedly targeted Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince.

“Seven people on both sides were shot dead and the rest of the attackers disappeared into the wild. Members of the royal family would be behind this attack. A drone could help the attackers to locate the target, but the main event was an exchange of fire that lasted about an hour,” said the tweet.

The Saudi authorities have brushed aside the idea of ​​a coup d’état against the regime and suggest that a “recreational drone was at the origin of Saturday night’s heavy fire.”

According to unofficial reports, an officer of the National Guard allegedly attempted to assassinate Ben Salmane.

On the evening of Saturday, April 21, social networks exploded during the sharing of a video revealing exchanges of fire at the palace of King Salman, where the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman resides.

The information that followed this videotape showed the transfer of King Salman and his son Mohammed from the palace to a military base and the closure of the capital’s sky to all flights, whether commercial or military.

The tweets of opponents of the Saudi regime evoked a coup attempt in Saudi Arabia, especially since the heavy silence and late reaction of Saudi security officials have reinforced this assumption.

But let us admit the version of the police or that of the opponents, there are many points to emphasize:

– Saudi Arabia’s security flaw: What happened on Saturday night proves that there is no security in Saudi Arabia and that Saudi Arabia’s fragile authority, which the Saudi King and Crown Prince boast about, is constantly threatened. This security failure came to light just days after the Dhahran summit, which took place in that city instead of Riyadh, for fear of Ansarullah missiles.

– A possible coup d’etat: the late reaction of the Saudi authorities to this event reinforces the hypothesis according to which this story of drone is assembled from scratch. Many experts are of the opinion that the easy infiltration of drones inside the royal palace could be explained by a coup against the regime in place.

– Opponents of the Crown Prince: The Saudi Crown Prince is criticized by many detractors inside and outside of Saudi Arabia, either impeached or arrested princes, or angry servicemen. In addition, Ben Salman is widely criticized by those who see him as an agent of Israel trying to normalize relations between Riyadh and Tel Aviv. Moreover, its reformist and secular policies displease many Saudis, especially as Yemeni fighters have promised to harm, in one way or another, Mohammed bin Salman.

– Intensification of security measures: it is very likely that the Saudi regime is intensifying its pressure on the people, under the pretext of guaranteeing the safety of the royal family, and is spending more and more of its petrodollars to buy weapons from Westerners.