Saudi Arabia to dig canal along Qatar border: official

SAUDI ARABIA / QATAR (OBSERVATORY) –¬†First official reaction of a senior Saudi official on the project to transform the peninsula of Qatar into an island: the information is confirmed.

Saudi Arabia’s cabinet advisor Saud al-Qahtani confirmed that Saudi Arabia plans to dig a canal along the border with Qatar, turning it into an island.

According to Turkey’s Anadolu news agency, this is the first official Saudi statement on the news broadcast by local media that a canal was to be dug along Qatar’s only land border. connects to Saudi Arabia.

“According to information relayed about the Salwa Canal, Qatar would become part of Salwa Island,” tweeted Monday, April 9, al-Qahtani.

“Does the decision to transform geography by creating the island of Salwa contravene international public law? Does Saudi Arabia have the right to establish a military base there? Is the kingdom entitled to build a nuclear reactor? As well as a nuclear waste dump? Asked the senior Saudi official in a second tweet.

And al-Qahtani answered the questions he had himself asked: “Yes, Saudi Arabia has the right to do so at 10,000%.”

According to the Turkish Agency, which recalls the diplomatic crisis between the Arab countries and Qatar, the Saudi King’s cabinet advisor, said: “I have already said, at the beginning of the crisis, that we have not not even started [to take punitive measures against Qatar].”

As a reminder, on June 5, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain broke their links with Qatar, under the pretext of “support for terrorism”, which Doha categorically rejected, while increased regional and international calls to end the crisis and opt for a direct dialogue between the parties.

The integrated project to excavate a marine channel along the borders with Qatar is expected to be carried out by a consortium of nine Saudi companies in this area. The project is awaiting official approval and licensing to begin construction, which will be completed in 12 months, according to the Saudi online newspaper Sabq.

Citing concordant sources, the Al-Riyadh newspaper also reported that Saudi Arabia had evacuated the customs and visa issuing offices at the entrance to the city of Salwa on the border with Qatar, so that Saudi forces can totally control the area.

The project is jointly funded by three of the four countries that boycotted Doha, namely Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE, the report adds.