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Saudi-led coalition strikes killed six family members in Yemen

YEMEN (OBSERVATORY) – Six people were killed in a bombardment of the Saudi-led Arab coalition aircraft on the province of Hodeidah in western Yemen, a local authority official told Sputnik.

“Coalition forces launched two raids on a house in the village of Al-Hess in the south of Hodeidah,” the source said.

The two strikes killed six people from one family and caused damage to their homes and other nearby houses.”

On the other hand, the Arab coalition forces killed 19 members of the Ansar Allah (Houthis) group in the province of Taiz, southwestern Yemen, on Monday, April 16, according to the site “September 26”.

The Yemeni army said on its site, “September 26,” “The coalition aircraft bombed two areas of security point for the Houthis between the villages of Shami and Bani Abdullah Shimla in the area of ​​the smuggled front of the West Taiz.”

The site confirmed that the coalition forces killed 12 militia members and destroyed a kit with a 14.5 mm machine gun.

He added that the coalition aircraft launched two raids on a training camp for the Houthis in the area of ​​the devastation in the village, resulting in the killing of seven of them.

The site pointed to the targeting of coalition aircraft raids of reinforcements, “Houthis” in the area of ​​Al-Barh resulted in the destruction of two vehicles and the death and injury of those on board.

The source pointed out that “the army repulsed the attack of the Houthis in the vicinity of the camp of the east of the city of Taiz after fierce battles suffered heavy losses in life and gear.

Since March 26, 2015, Saudi Arabia has been leading a military alliance supporting Yemeni government forces in the face of Ansar Allah , who control several provinces, including Sanaa since 21 September 2014.

The conflict has killed and wounded hundreds of thousands, while the United Nations indicates the need for more than 22 million Yemenis for urgent assistance.