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Saudi-led raids killed and wounded 40 people in a wedding ceremony in Yemen

YEMEN (OBSERVATORY) – A Yemeni security source told that 40 people were killed and wounded in two raids by the Arab-led coalition led by Saudi Arabia at a wedding ceremony in Bani Qais district in Hajjah province in north-west Yemen.

The source in the province said in a brief statement published by the Yemeni media belonging to the group “Ansar Allah” Houthi said that “the aggressive air raid targeted two wedding parties in the area of ​​raka in Bani Qais,” stressing the existence of “reports of the fall of martyrs and wounded.”

The source pointed out that the initial toll of the attack amounted to more than 40 dead and wounded, while the Republican Hospital in Hajjah state of emergency against the backdrop of strikes, calling on citizens to donate blood.

A local source in the province of Hajjah told the Russian news agency Sputnik that the coalition air forces bombed Sunday evening, 22 April, two mud dunes in the isolation of Bani al-Aati in Midi district, killing one person, his wife and three children, and causing material damage.

The Yemeni crisis

Yemen has been in constant conflict since September 2014 between the forces of Yemeni President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, supported since March of 2015 by the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia on the one hand and the Houthis forces, which until recently allied with the supporters of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was killed on 4 December last year by an armed conflict broke out between the two partners in the capital Sana’a, which fell in the hands of the Houthis and their allies in September 2014.

The Arab Alliance aircraft carries out continuous air strikes throughout Yemen, which it says are military sites belonging to the Houthi “Ansar Allah” group, aimed at “restoring legitimacy” to the Houthi-controlled Sana’a, while the latter are launching repeated rocket attacks on Saudi Army positions inside the kingdom’s territory .

Since the start of its military operations, the Arab alliance has imposed an air, land and sea embargo on most of Yemen’s territory, including the capital Sana’a, in order to “prevent the smuggling of arms”.

The United Nations said the conflict in Yemen has killed more than 10,000 Yemeni civilians and wounded hundreds of thousands more. More than 22 million people in the country are in dire need of emergency aid,

Earlier this month, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterich described the situation in the country, the poorest of the Arabian Peninsula and a major food and health crisis, as “the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.”