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Saudi prince denounces Riyadh intervention in Syria

SAUDI ARABIA (OBSERVATORY) – A possible deployment of Saudi forces in Syria could weaken more than ever the Saudi kingdom, said the former Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Nayef.

“The lack of a precise and real strategy that could protect Riyadh against different crises, political decision-making in terms of reactions, the absence of stability, the formation of temporary and unstable coalitions in a short-term perspective, are all shortcomings of which the political structure of the country suffers and such a process continues to continue,” wrote the Saudi prince on his Twitter page.

He added :

“We hear some talk about the availability of Riyadh to send its armed forces to Syria; this proves that Saudi Arabia lacks a clear and independent strategy. The reality is that Saudi Arabia’s likely involvement in the Syrian conflict could weaken Riyadh’s regional status and thwart the hope of the Saudis for signing a political agreement on the Yemeni crisis.”