Schoolchildren and students again went to protest in Paris

FRANCE (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Schoolchildren and students who were dissatisfied with the upcoming education reform again came out Tuesday afternoon for a mass protest in Paris.

The basis for the protest was the reform of education, which can be implemented in 2021. Its provisions, in particular, make serious changes in the process of final examinations from school.

The procession began around 12.45 local time (13.45 Moscow time) from the square near the Sorbonne. The famous university building in the Latin Quarter of Paris is a traditional place for student unrest. For example, the events of May 1968 unfolded here, which are also recalled by the current protesters.

Participation in the protest action is taken by hundreds of young people and girls, they are supported by representatives of older generations. Many of them brought to the procession posters “Save the Universities”, “No to the police state”, “We are unhappy”.

Order for the shares provide reinforced police outfits, in particular, police special forces.

A major protest against the reform of the educational system took place in Paris in February this year. Then hundreds of pupils of the senior classes of the French schools took to the streets of the city. Also, demonstrations took place in other French cities, including Toulouse, Lyon and Strasbourg. Protest actions were then repeated again in the capital and other cities, but not on this scale.

Half a century ago, in May 1968, a social crisis erupted in France. It began with students’ speeches, followed by a strike of the trade unions. These events led to the change of government and the resignation of Charles de Gaulle, who then held the post of head of state.