Scientist filmed how vampire parasites devour a crustacean from the inside (VIDEO)

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — The British scientist Richard Kirby captured a terrible moment of the attack of microscopic parasites on a small crustacean. The frame shows how the creature’s transparent body a couple of millimeters in size is teeming with pinkish ciliates.

According to the Daily Mail, the victim was copepod, a jolly crustacean. Such people themselves often lead a parasitic lifestyle, but there are also free-living ones. It is noted that they often become the prey of the aggressors, who managed to capture.

This is vampyrophyra pelagica, a kind of ciliates. They have a special cunning attack strategy. First, they quietly attach to the victim’s body from the outside and surround themselves with protective “cysts”.

In this state, they can stay quite a long time, waiting for the right moment – any injury to the crustacean. Through this damage, vampires penetrate the body and begin to act. According to biologists, they eat the cytoplasm contained in the body of the animal.

The author of this documentary used a special shooting technique – he highlighted the object from below so that he appeared on a black background in a spectacular light frame. The scientist was awarded for this video at the Small World in Motion competition in 2019.


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