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Scientists discovered the first sign of “life after death”

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áScientists from the United States and Germany conducted an ambitious experiment in which they received unique information about brain activity in life, the moment of death and immediately after death.

According to Vista News, researchers who participated in this international project have been able to follow the brain activity of people at the moment of death.

They followed 9 patients who were hopeless in their health, and were expected to die at any moment.

The most important achievement of scientists in this experiment was the discovery of indirect evidence of the possibility of continuing life after the death of the human body.

Scientists in this discovery relied on their observations of a strong electrical impulse emanating from the brain of the dead person.

According to researchers, after the death of a person, these signals, which they call “the spread of depression” become more intense and stronger than in life. Based on this scientists declared that the theory of life after death is not without foundation.

Many scientists are confident that human consciousness does not cease to exist even after death.