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Scientists: drink 5 mugs of beer a week – cancer is provided

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áDrinking alcohol increases the risk of gum disease, certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases, according to the magazine Microbiome.

Scientists at the University of New York (USA) studied samples of oral microflora of 1,044 people aged 55 to 78. The study provided an opportunity to compare the rates of 270 non-drinkers, 614 drinkers moderately and 160 people who drink alcohol regularly.

Scientists have found that people who drink alcohol, change the microflora and increase the number of bacteria such as Bacteroidales, Actinomyces and Neisseria, said RIA Novosti. In turn, Bacteroidales cause inflammation, purulent wounds and develop malignant tumors. Actinomyces can cause actinomycosis and endocarditis, and Neisseria contains the causative agents of gonorrhea and meningitis.

Drinking alcohol reduces the amount of lactobacilli the body needs, which can lead to the development of cancer of the mouth and digestive organs.

Scientists are going to find out, due to what alcohol causes changes in the microflora of the mouth, and to establish whether the refusal of alcohol helps to restore the damage caused.

The top face, after which the body is harmed, is 100 g of pure alcohol per week, which is equal to five beer mugs with a strength of 4% or 875 mg of wine with a strength of 13%. Exceeding this dose by half leads to a reduction in life expectancy by one to two years. The use of a dose two and a half times the norm brings death to four or five years.

“The main thing about this study says: if you already drink alcohol, then by reducing its consumption, you will be able to live longer and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases,” said the head of the study group Angela Wood from Cambridge University. In the course of the study, the habits and status of more than 600 thousand people from 19 countries were studied.