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Scientists have learned to reproduce memories after death

ISRAEL (OBSERVATORY) – A group of scientists from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem proved the ability to read memories after death. This is reported by the Daily Star with reference to the material of the scientific journal New Scientist.

The task of scientists was to study the formation of memories in the brain of a living being. For this purpose, they used laboratory mice, exposing them to a negative and positive effect. It turned out that memories of pleasure or pain are formed in the brain with the help of new proteins and are controlled by genes in seven specific areas of this organ.

The scientists noted that experiences of different character leave a different “imprint” in the activity of the brain of mice. After the tests, the animals were euthanized. It turned out that even after death by the “pattern” formed by proteins, it is possible to determine with an accuracy of 90% what kind of emotions the mouse was experiencing and what character was its memories.

However, to obtain information about the memories of the deceased creature, it is necessary to analyze his brain very quickly, within minutes, as the proteins begin to degrade, notes Dr. Clea Warburton. In the future, scientists hope to learn how to use the technique of reading memories from the brain of living animals, and after – people.