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Scientists predict that in the Asian nuclear war, hundreds of nuclear bombs will throw each other, and tens of millions of people will face destruction

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — The famous scientist Hawking once said that if the probability of a nuclear war erupting at this stage is 1%, then one million years later, when humanity faces a crisis of survival, the probability of a nuclear war will become 100%. However, in the face of this remark, at first the countries of the world did not fully believe it.

However, as the international situation has become more complicated, the world has begun to rethink these remarks, and some experts even said that from the current situation alone, it may not take long before nuclear war may erupt on the earth. After all, in the Asian region alone, there are already two countries with nuclear weapons in a state of conflict and confrontation, and even once on the verge of going to war, so it can be said that the crisis has always been around us.

It is understood that these two countries are India and Pakistan. Throughout history, the war conflicts experienced by these two countries have been countless. Only large-scale wars have occurred several times. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of India’s military strength, the Indian military has gradually begun to proceed towards the border areas. A large number of soldiers, so experts from various countries have speculated that India’s move may be preparing for the future competition for Kashmir.

However, in contrast, Pakistan has never fallen into an absolute disadvantage in the development of military construction. Not only that, Pakistan has also formulated a series of countermeasures against India ’s deployment plan. Therefore, when countries around the world are concerned about the India-Pakistan conflict, they have begun to produce I am deeply worried that if India and Pakistan wage war, will India and Pakistan choose to use nuclear weapons?

In this regard, experts said that this possibility not only exists, its probability of occurrence is quite high. Therefore, even the British “Nature” magazine has issued a document saying that the time for a large-scale conflict between India and Pakistan is likely to be in 2025, and in the war, Pakistan may be the first to use nuclear weapons because of the difference in strength. Counterattack, by then, India will inevitably respond with nuclear weapons, so in the end, an irreversible nuclear war will erupt completely.

Not only that, the Stockholm Peace Research Institute estimates that India and Pakistan have almost 150 nuclear bomb reserves, and may even have more Pakistani military, so once the war starts, it will mean that at least more than 200 nuclear bombs will be used on the battlefield. By that time, India alone will experience huge radiation and the death of tens of millions of people.

In addition, with the explosion of these nuclear bombs, it will also cause a series of chain reactions in nature. By that time, even if humans survive, with the arrival of the “nuclear winter”, humans will eventually be unable to escape the devastating blow.


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