Scientists predict the disappearance of Arctic ice after 20 years

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — There will be no ice in the Arctic in the summertime after 20 years. This was announced by the Director of Science of the Polar Institute (Tromsø, Norway) Nalan Koch during the International Kirkenes Conference on Thursday.

“Scientists have a forecast that in the summer there will be no ice in the Arctic after 20 years,” Koch said during a panel session on climate and energy, calling the process of melting Arctic ice “dramatic.”

According to the scientist, the fastest temperature changes in the Spitsbergen area.

The ongoing warming in the Arctic leads to a decrease in the populations of polar bears, walruses and seals.

Climate change also affects the state of phytoplankton, which lives in ice and, in turn, at a certain time of the year when ice melts, serves as a food source for zooplankton, the Polar Institute deputy director emphasized.

Due to the premature melting of the ice, the rhythm of the food chain is disrupted, and this is fraught, in particular, for the Barents Sea, an important commercial sea for Norway and Russia.

Earlier on Wednesday, Finnish Deputy Prime Minister Nina Vaskunlahti at the Kirkenes Conference announced that the waters of the Northern Sea Route could be freed from ice in 15-20 years – by 2035-2040.

According to Vaskunlahti, this will lead to increased traffic in the north. In her opinion, it will be necessary to ban the use of fuel oil in the polar seas.


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