Scientists say: optimists still live longer than pessimists

UNITED STATES, WASHINGTON (OBSERVATORY) — The confrontation between optimists and pessimists is almost the same as the confrontation between “owls” and “larks”. At least in terms of health effects.

But if the scientists seem to have decided on the latter (“owls”, we have bad news for you ), then with optimism-pessimism everything was not completely clear . Although it was “there”, because in a new study on the topic, scientists from Boston University seem to be able to find out who is more likely to live happily ever after.

And yes, these are optimists. Which, however, is clear from the title.

The study, in which 69,744 women and 1,429 men took part in total (women were followed by 10 years old and men by 30 years old), showed that optimistic people are more likely to achieve “exceptional longevity” . Or, concretizing, they are more likely to cross the threshold of 85 years than pessimists and sympathizers.

Under the optimism, the authors of the study explain, they understood the person’s expectation that even if now something goes wrong, something good will definitely happen in the future.

An analysis of the data showed that the most optimistic men and women lived on average 11-15% longer and had 50-70% more chances to live to 85 years, compared with their pessimistic “colleagues.”

Moreover, the results were preserved even taking into account such factors as the level of education, the presence of chronic diseases and diagnosed depression, the amount of physical activity, the history of alcohol consumption and dietary features.

“Despite the fact that studies have identified many factors of premature death risk , we know relatively little about the positive psychosocial factors that may contribute to healthy aging , – says lead study author Lee Levin (Lewina Lee). “ So our work is of great importance for public health, because it suggests that optimism is one of the psychosocial assets that can extend a person’s life.”

Why does this work? Science cannot yet say for sure, but it has options.

Perhaps the fact is that optimistic people better regulate emotions, and after them behavior, which allows them to lead a less risky and healthier lifestyle. Or, another option, optimists can more effectively resist stress and cope with life’s difficulties.


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