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Secret report reveals Mossad assassination of German scientists who helped Egypt develop the missile program

GERMANY (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe Newsweek magazine reported in a dangerous report that Israel assassinated German scientists who helped Egypt develop the missile program under the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

The magazine stressed that a few weeks after Egypt announced the success of the missile program in 1962, there was a state of terror inside Israel, and the Israelis learned that a team of German scientists played a role in the development of missiles, and these scientists were among the most powerful engineers of the system, “Adolf Hitler,” says the magazine.

Mossad chief Isser Harel then put the agency to its highest state of alert.

According to the New York Times report on Mossad intimidation and intimidation against scientists and their families, including life-threatening letters, But failed when Swiss police arrested a Mossad agent named Joseph Bengal after threatening the daughter of a scientist. He was deported to Germany and convicted and sentenced to a short prison term.

In August 1962, Mossad headquarters in Europe sent a message saying, “We are interested in obtaining intelligence, regardless of what happens. If it turns out that Germany knows something about this and is not prepared to cooperate, we are ready to take it by force and force it to talk. This is because we have to get information at all costs.”

The book indicates that the agents of the Mossad began immediately storming diplomatic missions and consulates in a number of European capitals to photograph the documents. They were also able to recruit a Swiss employee who worked for EgyptAir in Zurich, the company that was a cover for Egyptian intelligence, the author said.

The Swiss agent allowed the Mossad agents to get the mail bags at night twice in two weeks and take them to a safe house. They opened them and photographed their contents and then closed them again by experts who left no evidence of opening them until they returned to the company’s office. After a relatively short period of time, the Mossad had a primary understanding of the Egyptian missile project and its head.

The project was initiated by two internationally renowned scientists, Dr. Eugen Sanger and Wolfgang Beils, who joined the Jet Defense Research Institute in Stuttgart in 1954.

Sanger headed the prestigious center, while Bills and two others Hans Krug and Paul Gourcuff were department heads. But they felt they were not working well in Germany after the war. They approached the Egyptian regime in 1959 and offered to recruit and lead a group of scientists to develop long-range surface-to-surface missiles. Nasser quickly agreed and appointed one of his closest military advisers, Isam al-Din Mahmoud Khalil, a former air force intelligence director and head of the Egyptian army’s R & D department to coordinate the program.

The book spoke of Mossad agents kidnapping a German scientist, Hans Krug. He was imprisoned in a Mossad facility and severely interrogated. He remained silent at first but later admitted that he had volunteered for Mossad. But after it turned out that he had said everything he knew, the Mossad got rid of him.